Famous Sigma Chis

Sigma Chi has many noteworthy brothers. This is by no means a complete list of them, but it does include many famous brothers of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

John Wayne


Southern California ’29
Motion Picture Star
“When I became a Sigma Chi it was great; I was proud of the association. It was kind of an instant confidence builder for me, that, and what I considered the best fraternity on campus, had actually wanted me. I had always been very shy and without a lot of confidence. It was a really good social experience, and for me, a social maturation and a great benefit.”


David Letterman


Ball State ’69
Talk Show Host Extraordinaire
“What you do in life by yourself doesn’t mean as much as what you accomplish with a group of people. Sigma Chi was one of the greatest things that happened to me. I really appreciate what it has done for men in my lifetime and I hope I can continue to give something back.”


Mike Ditka


Pittsburgh ’61
Former NFL Head Coach & Sportscaster


Woody Harrelson


Hanover ’83
Television & Movie Actor
“I made some very long-lasting friendships with Sigs in college…a lot of them have lasted to this day, and are a very valuable thing to me. The Fraternity has meant a lot to me, and the Ritual is very, very meaningful to me.”


Tom Selleck


Southern California ’67
Television & Movie Actor


Mike Holmgren


Southern California ’70
NFL Head Coach


Brad Pitt


Missouri-Columbia ’86
Motion Picture Star
“Sigma Chi was a learning experience for me in personal growth, in finding out more about myself, in shaping my life more effectively, and in directing my energies more efficiently. All of those things were heavily influenced by my Sigma Chi experience. There is no question that it has had a tremendous impact on my career professionally, and on my life.”


Merlin Olsen


Utah State ’61
Former NBC Announcer, Actor, & Pro Football Hall of Fame


Drew Brees


Purdue ’01
NFL Quarterback & Heisman Trophy Finalist 1999 & 2000


Bob Griese


Purdue ’67
Former NFL Quarterback & Sports Analyst
“The key to our business is people skills. Sigma Chi helps you learn better people relationships, to get along with others, and also teaches the importance of honesty and integrity.”


J. Williard Marriott, Jr.


Utah ’54
Founder & Owner of Marriott Hotels


Warren Beatty


Northwestern ’59
Acadamy Award Winning Actor & Producer


Jim Everett


Purdue ’86
Former NFL Quarterback


K.S. Bud Adams, Jr.


Kansas ’44
NFL Owner, Chairman, & CEO, Tennessee Titans


Robert C. McNair


South Carolina ’58
NFL Chairman & CEO, Huston Texans


Clarence Gilyard, Jr.


Cal. State – Long Beach ’81
Television & Movie Actor


Sean Payton


Eastern Illinois
NFL Head Coach, New Orleans Saints


Luke Bryan


Georgia Southern
Country Western Singer/Songwriter


Ben Savage


Stanford ’04


Greg Harbaugh


Purdue ’78
Astronaut, Engineer


Jim Caviezel


Movie Actor


Urban Meyer


Cincinnati ’86
Former Head Coach Florida Gators


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