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Undergraduates Continue Reign of Excellence at MSU

(Fall 2016)

Beta Rho is off to a great start for the fall 2016 semester. With a strong recruitment program, the chapter extended bids to 28 potential new members early in the semester, all of whom are undergoing the new Preparation for Brotherhood pledge program. In addition to recruitment, Beta Rho has also shown strong suits in philanthropy, volunteer work, alumni relations, and intramurals sports.

Chapter Sets Goals for Academic Success
Last spring, the chapter experienced a slight decrease in GPA. Tribune and Scholarship Chairman Brady Anderson ’19 has high hopes for chapter academics this fall however. According to Brother Anderson, “Last spring, the chapter earned a 2.84 GPA, which was third on campus out of all of the fraternities, although it was much lower than what we were striving for. We aim this semester, with a strong scholarship policy in place, to bring the chapter GPA back to over a 3.0.” Brady has created a new scholarship platform that creates more incentive for brothers to get good grades, which includes a raffle-based system rewarding brothers for receiving A’s on any quizzes, exams, or projects. An additional initiative the chapter has taken is to reward brothers with higher room selections for earning the highest GPA in the chapter, as well as receiving the “most improved” GPA award.

Brothers Make a Difference in the Community
We have goals set of participating in at least six volunteer events throughout the community each semester and continuing to hold Derby Days every year, which was hosted the week before Halloween this year. A few of the volunteer events we have held thus far in the semester include a highway cleanup in memory of Brother Karston Waarvik ’15, helping set up and run events for the Bozeman Senior Center, harvesting food and doing farm work at God’s Garden of Bozeman, and raking leaves for surrounding neighbors to collect cans of food for our annual Can the Griz efforts. Many of our volunteer events include sororities to enrich the overall experience and expand our influence on the community during these events.

Recruiting Future Leaders
Recruitment resulted in an astonishing 28-member pledge class. With the enforcement of the new Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) pledge program, Beta Rho seems to be adapting well despite the immense change the original program has undergone. “Although P4B is an entirely new program, the chapter and pledge class seems to be doing well with it. We have a strong pledge class, primarily composed of guys with hometowns in a variety of different states, including Montana, Washington, Colorado, and California. Many pledges are taking on difficult degrees, such as chemical and mechanical engineering, and will be the backbone of our chapter in the coming semesters,” says Magister Evan Thomoff ’17.

Campus Involvement Sheds Positive Light on Chapter
With a high number of actives attending school at Montana State, members have a lot of involvement on campus. Many brothers are orientation leaders, involved in student senate, and taking on leadership roles in Interfraternity Council (IFC).

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