History of the Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity


The Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity was founded on March 20, 1909, as the 19th Chapter of Acacia Fraternity. The Iowa State Chapter of Acacia was founded through the efforts of Brother Howard C. Pierce, an Acacian from Cornell University, to form the “Craftsman Club” at Iowa State. After the club had been in existence for about a year, a petition for chartering as a Chapter of Acacia was presented to the Acacia National Fraternity.

Since at its founding in 1909, the Chapter, in turn, occupied four different residences before settling at its current location on August 1, 1940. For the next 40+ years, Acacia prospered and the brotherhood was actively involved in campus activities and had many brothers hold prominent leadership positions throughout campus. However, the 1980s were not very positive for many Greek social fraternities and sororities, and Acacia was not exempt from this. In 1989, the decision was made to close the Fraternity at Iowa State and the house was subsequently sold.

acacia-rockAlthough the Chapter was closed, a small group of alumni who cared deeply about the Fraternity continued to meet and operate as the “Corporate Board of The Acacians” with the desire of one day having the opportunity to recolonize the Chapter at Iowa State. That dream became a reality in the spring of 2000 when our Chapter was granted colony status by the University and its first new members were initiated that semester. Sixty years to the date, on August 1, 2000, the Board of Acacians repurchased the previously-owned Chapter House. It was a monumental occasion to be able to bring Acacia back “home” and allow for the next generation of Acacians to experience college life in the same house as their alumni brothers. Many of the alumni still refer to the house as being at 142 Gray Avenue, but due to postal regulations, the house address was changed to 138 Gray Avenue.

The Acacia International Fraternity officially rechartered the Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity on October 20, 2001.

Throughout our Chapter’s history, several prominent alumni from the Iowa State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity have included a number of Iowa State University’s most prominent faculty:

  • President Storms
  • President Pearson
  • Dean Marston (College of Engineering)
  • Dean Stange (College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Dean Kildee (College of Agriculture)
  • Dean Buchanan (Graduate College)
  • Dean Lagomarcino (College of Education)
  • Distinguished Alumni: Beach, Beyer and Stewart
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