Letter to a Parent of a Prospective Acacia Member from an Acacia Mother

 Dear Parents,

Hello, my name is Shelly Thomas and my son Joe graduated from ISU in May 2016 and was aa member of the Acacia Fraternity during his 4 years as an undergraduate. I am writing to you today to let you know what a positive experience our son has had being a member of Acacia and to encourage your son to consider joining this Fraternity.

We are from a small Iowa community, Murray, a town of less than 700. My husband and I own a business that repairs computers and sells office supplies. Neither of us were in a Sorority or Fraternity, so we were new to Iowa State University’s Greek Community. I can tell you that when Joe was approached to join a fraternity as an incoming freshman, we were apprehensive. “What was it going to cost?,” “Was it going to provide a good study environment?”, “Were there any disadvantages to living off-campus?” were some of the questions that we struggled with. Joe has been a member of Acacia now for over a year and I can firmly state that joining this Fraternity was one the best choices he has made.

The Acacia house offers a very “home-like” atmosphere both in its structure and room arrangements. They have a very nice common areas and bedrooms. Students either share a room or have a private room, many with their own bathroom. Each room comes equipped with beds, desks, refrigerator and microwaves. It was nice not having to purchase all of this furniture. Overall, the cost of living at the house is comparable to University housing, except Acacia does offer scholarships to help offset these expenses (which has been great for Joe). Most of all, it is reassuring to know where Joe is living and who he is living with. The guys are great and it’s been fun to get to know them as they watch out for each other. Acacia has become his University family and his home-away-from-home.

Besides the home-like environment, Joe has greatly benefited academically and grown in his leadership skills as a result of being an Acacian. The Fraternity takes great pride in its academic and leadership achievements. I have witnessed them encouraging each other to excel. The upper classmen are excellent role models and the resumes of the Acacia members are quite impressive. Joe has matured quickly, growing in his leadership skills as he has become involved with coordinating various university events and service projects. The members encourage each other to become involved in their community which has helped Joe meet many people and develop new relationships. I credit Acacia in helping Joe make an easy transition from high school to college life. Acacia only recruits the best-of-the-best so it’s an honor for your son to be considered for membership. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Sometimes it helps to talk parent to parent.

Shelly Thomas
(641) 447-2174

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