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Thank You, Alumni, for Making Our Renovations Possible

Thank you to those loyal alumni who donated more than $20,000 to make our chapter house renovations a possibility. You have made our chapter house functional, attractive, and competitive with other fraternities at Drake. Without you, our recolonization would not have been so successful. Special thanks goes to Doug Bruce ’72 (#667), who agreed to match every dollar raised. It is because of you that the Phi Delta Theta legacy at Drake continues and the renovations shown below are a reality.

Below is a listing of the donors who contributed to our chapter house renovations.

1961 Club
($5,000 and above)
Douglas G. Bruce ’72
Douglas J. Harris ’94*
Iowa Delta Club
($1,000 to $4,999)
Ronald B. Mehling ’64
Richard A. Place ’76
John W. Taylor Jr. M.D. ’78
Maxwell M. Miller III ’80*
Ivan L. Schneider Jr. ’80*
Thomas J. Fitzgerald Jr. ’91
Brotherhood Club
($250 to $999)
James Biscoglia*
Daniel R. Gandy ’62
Jeffrey S. Barrett ’71*
Kenneth G. Bommer ’72

Daniel P. Goldman ’74*
Keith R. Carlson ’75*
Marty E. Fields ’77
John R. Hovey ’76
Steven G. Jacobs ’77*
Vincent R. Kemendo ’77
Milford H. Schulhof ’77
David S. Ziegler ’77*
Anthony R. Mack ’77
Eric F. Turner ’78
Mark A. Clark ’80*
Richard C. Miller Jr. ’80*
James P. Wilmoth IV ’84
Timothy C. McCoy ’91
Jason E. Parker ’91*
Patrick W. Kelly ’91
Gary W. Kendell ’93
Scott R. Carlson ’92*
Cory D. Abbas ’95*
Douglas M. Cox ’95
Ryan R. Sippel ’98
Craig A. Phernetton ’01*
Bulldog Club
(Up to $249)
Jack Fletcher*
William Meek*
John H. Roe ’64
David J. Thompson ’63
Alvin L. Wagner Jr. ’62
Richard L. Linder ’63
Jack L. Erickson ’67
John A. Mattern II M.D. ’64
William E. Forbrich ’68
John H. Moore ’68*
Allan C. Somers ’69
Dennis C. Cathcart ’70*
Robert E. Branson ’71*
Lawrence A. Knecht ’72
G. Scott Dillon ’73
William D. Esser ’74
John C. Spooner ’74
Marc E. Pavelick ’76*
Mark E. Barrington ’78
Ronald L. Mead ’79
James M. Petersen ’79
J. P. Pohl ’79
Andrew J. Hess ’80*
David W. Hughson ’80
Peter J. Barber ’81*
Mark A. Dagitz ’86
Michael G. Murray ’88
Stephen G. Krochmal Jr. ’89*
Shawn C. Holmes ’94
Paul E. Butler ’95
Everett L. Lindgren ’95
Brian S. Zak ’95*
John A. Reim ’96*
Joel P. Lown ’02*
John M. Knight ’96*

*Spring 2015 Donor

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